Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A distasteful change.

I sometimes watch the Jeremy Kyle show.  It can be compelling viewing for several reasons.  Firstly, it astonishes me that people will admit to the most embarrassing and degrading stuff, just to get on the telly.  Secondly, it amazes me that people are only too happy to air their most private problems in such a public way.  Thirdly, it baffles me that such ugly people always seem to have boyfriends/girlfriends.  I must be totally ugly or, more likely, completely invisible because I can't get a significant other at all.

The way people behave to each other, as illustrated daily on this show, saddens me.  It makes me glad in a way that I am invisible and alone, as I'd hate to experience some of the shit that gets aired by JK's guests.  My mother and I discuss this quite often and we've both noticed that people are less compassionate now than they were even just a few years ago.

Men have always been aggressive to women and there have always been battered wives and abused kids, but the aggression has increased so many times over in the last few decades and I notice the difference now to when I was a girl.  When I was young it was taken for granted that you were polite to people and rudeness was not tolerated.  Girls were brought up to be (fairly) chaste and it was strange to see an underage girl pregnant.  I lived in a smallish town but I never came across anyone who took drugs and although we wandered the streets in gangs, it never occurred to us to vandalise anything or intimidate anyone.  We were a bit loud sometimes but we were basically good.

What happened?  What started the change?  Is there a way to reverse it?

The cause is most likely to be a mixture of many things, over population being the main culprit.  People are breeding too freely and the current climate of paying people to stay at home and breed like flies is not encouraging anyone to go back to 'the good old days.'  The only way I can see to reverse things is to have a huge international tragedy.  A pandemic would do nicely.  One that would guarantee to wipe out at least sixty five percent of the Earth's population would be ideal.

Then we could start over and hope that we'd learned from our previous mistakes.

Sincerely, Invisible Woman xxx

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