Saturday, 3 March 2012

Hitting the bottom

This past week I've been given a very interesting Native American Medicine Wheel Animal Guide reading by a dear friend.  She gave me 9 animal guides, all for different aspects of myself and my life.

Porcupine, wolf, bat, dragonfly, owl, ant, skunk, turtle, spider.

By studying the behaviours and lifestyles of these creatures, you can identify what areas of your personality or life they are giving guidance with.  I have to say, after reading all of the information she gave me with each of these animals, I am very impressed.  I am now in the process of acquiring these animals in the form of pictures, statues etc so that they can all be with me in my home all the time.

I was also given a Dragons head and tail reading by another friend's friend, which is a sort of astrology reading and I was blown away by the accuracy of it.  The guy got me pegged to a tee and he didn't know even my name, just my date and time of birth and location.  This reading identified my weaknesses and failings very accurately and explained why they are there and how to move beyond them.

I'm at a funny time in my life.  I turned 50 a couple of weeks ago and I'm now at the stage where I realise that I've probably got less time left than I've already had.  My body is beginning to let me down and I'm less attractive than I was 20 years ago.  Still being single means that as time goes by it's less likely that I'll meet the man of my dreams.  The economic climate means money is non existent, work is hard to come by and I'm living well below the poverty line.  I'm writing my books but they aren't selling so to add to everything else, the success I seek is still as far away as ever.  All in all, life sucks cock at the moment..!

I hope that by working with the information these 2 readings have given me, I can at least turn some of the less attractive aspects of my personality around.  It may not make monumental changes to my life but it may at least lessen my own personal inner anguish to some degree.

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