Acts of Life

Acts of Life

a space opera novel

by Merita King


Jake Elloway has a glittering career as one of Earth’s most celebrated vidicom movie stars and enjoys his privileged lifestyle to the full.  An arrogant megalomaniac, Jake is handsome and talented, but selfish and indulgent.  When he is offered a role that is something of a departure from the muscle bound action heroes he usually plays, he is hesitant to accept.  Persuaded by his Personal Assistant to take the role, Jake reluctantly agrees to spend three months living and working aboard an inter galactic freight liner as research for this new role, and hopes that his new environment will afford him plenty of beautiful female fans to seduce.
Life aboard the Mayan Queen quickly proves to be anything but comfortable, and when the vessel is boarded by pirates intent on kidnapping Jake for a substantial ransom, he realises that not everyone aboard is keen to protect him.  When the small group of friends make a desperate bid for freedom, a new nightmare begins.

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