Wednesday, 19 June 2013

They can't see me, obviously.

My eyesight is shit, thanks to a horrific dose of childhood measles, and I wear contact lenses which I buy at Asda.  They're cheaper than anyone else and they're handy, I can get my lenses whilst doing the grocery shopping.

This morning I had to go and buy my three month's supply, so I duly turned up at the desk and waited for the old gal in front of me to get served.  While waiting, another couple turned up.  When the woman in front had finished, the sales woman looked up at the couple, smiled and said "yes please?" whereupon the couple moved in front of me and got served first.

Now, stupid effing cow here doesn't open her big fat gob and say "oi, I was ere first, arsehole," no, she stands there like a lemon and doesn't say a word.  I felt angry at the situation, angry at the couple, angry at the sales woman and angry at myself for not speaking up.  I'm such a doormat, and I hate myself for being that way but I can't be any different.  My mother is one of those people who is so scared to speak up and brought me up never to say a word in public, to mould into the background and shut up.  Now I'm middle aged and socially crippled due to her inadequate parenting.

It is kind of ironic that this should happen at the optician's counter and you can make an obvious joke about me being invisible at the opticians.  It' still annoying though.

Sincerely, Invisible Woman.

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