Friday, 6 January 2012

Our last year on earth...!

Well we've finally reached 2012, the year we all perish according to the Mayan calendar.  Mother and I have been discussing all the possible benefits this could bring us.  No more worrying about paying her mortgage, no more worrying for me about my credit card bill and not much longer to have to be a lonely singleton.  I asked her whether she would do anything rash or spontaneous, knowing that the world would come to an end soon and she said no she wouldn't.  For myself, if I knew for certain the world would end soon then I would apply for loads of credit cards and visit all those places I've always wanted to see but could never afford and I would be much more brazen if I saw a guy I fancied a dalliance with.  Apart from that sort of thing, what other things could one do...?

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