Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Brick Wall

I am many things.  Many of my idiosynchracies are positive benefits of which I am proud whilst a few are a burden I wish I could get rid of.  One thing I'm not, is stupid or thick but that's how I feel after taking advice that has not had the effect that was promised.

I've written a novel, yeah I know you already know that and are sick of hearing it but wait just a minute.  'They' say that a good way to publicise and market your book on twitter is to retweet lots of other authors without asking for a retweet or mention in return.  Just keep on retweeting them as if it's your only joy in life and they will retweet yours in return.  Well I took this advice at face value and gave it a go but so far I've only had 3 retweets in return.  Oh I've had several gracious thank you's but very few retweets.  I'm already very disappointed and am getting to the pissed off stage.  Once I reach the pissed off stage I'm liable to tweet something that is guaranteed to piss more than a few others off and cause several terse PM's.

I wrote my book because it demanded to be written, not because I wanted the money.  That doesn't mean that a few sales wouldn't be welcome though, far from it.  I just wish that people could stop being so damned competitive for just a moment and give a little back to those that aren't as 'successful' as they are, although what deems someone successful these days is a mystery to me.  I try to constantly remind myself that my story is out there as part of the universal consciousness and that is what matters and that my soon to be released second novel in the series will add to my creative contribution that can only enhance the energetic wavelength of the universe.  That doesn't stop me being annoyed at the selfish gits though...!!!

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